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Understanding the Benefits of Comprehensive Service Agreements

Have you ever wondered how often you should service your AMETEK Solidstate Controls Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System? Does it slip your mind because our machines are rugged and meant to last? If so, we offer customizable Comprehensive Service Agreements so you’ll never have to wonder again.

We offer different levels of multi-year service agreements that are designed to support your Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule and scheduled downtimes. The three levels of service agreements that Solidstate Controls offers are the Basic Service Agreement, Comprehensive Service Agreement (CSA) and Comprehensive Service Agreement Plus (CSA+). 

Our Basic plan is perfect for facilities that are unable to put their systems into bypass outside of their scheduled blackout dates. Our technicians can plan to service the unit during these planned periods and will return each year to do a visual check of the system and diagnose problems if they should arise. CSA plans include AMETEK Virtual Support, a wider range of component coverage and inspection along with a larger discount on spare parts. If you choose CSA+, you will receive our most inclusive service option. CSA+ provides AMETEK Virtual Support, annual inspections and discounts on training, components and spare parts.

Comprehensive Service Agreements include pre- and post-inspection interviews, detailed service reports, visual inspections, annual scheduled parts replacement, system and battery testing and more.

The benefits of a Comprehensive Service Agreement include:

  • Locked-in pricing that will not go up
  • Your equipment is covered under a 24/7 warranty during the life of the agreement
  • Your equipment will receive all of the factory recommended PMs on a yearly basis
  • The CSA and CSA+ plans include AMETEK Virtual Support, which provides remote expertise through merged reality technology
  • Length of contract and the equipment covered can be tailored to your facility’s needs
  • Eliminates administrative burden of having to get a quote and PO each time preventative or corrective maintenance is needed
  • Budgeting for maintenance is made easier due to a fixed price from year to year

Hear from our customers who have invested in Preventive Maintenance:

Andy is an extremely valuable asset to our site; we look forward to his arrival each year.
“Technician was very knowledgeable about his equipment and extremely helpful in explaining the step-by-step process of each unit to be serviced. We were very confident in his capabilities working on our critical equipment.”

“The service performed by Lyle was top notch and he really went the extra mile to explain the system to us and provide answers to our questions. Also took the time to have a follow up meeting with our team to discuss the service and our UPS units”

If you’re ready to ensure your critical power equipment is maintained and functioning to its fullest potential, contact us today to discuss setting up a Comprehensive Service Agreement or scheduling Preventive Maintenance.


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