Case Studies


   - The Reliant Story
   - The TVA Story
   - Industrial Grade UPS Systems Protect Electric Generating Plant Control Room
   - Power Generating Plant Uses Industrial Grade UPS System to back up critical controls
   - Glass-Making Plant Uses UPS System to Ensure Continuous Operation
   - Nuclear Power Station Installs New UPS System
   - Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Upgrades UPS System
   - New Hampshire Utility Uses Industrial Grade UPS Systems at Several of Its Power Stations


At Solidstate Controls, we pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service to our clients.
  • A Project Engineer from an A&E firm located in the Midwest United States shared how responsive our team was to a crisis situation he and one of his clients found themselves in: "In a crisis situation, you don't "scout" around for help. You call the people you trust and have had long and solid relationships with. That is what WE did. Thank you to everyone who worked together to get the business back in business!"
  • A Project Manager at a refinery in Texas expressed his appreciation: "I would like to convey an appreciation to AMETEK Solidstate Controls Client Support Department for their continued support of our site's UPS system. The service and timely delivery of parts has been very appreciated by the people who use and maintain the UPS systems. These power systems (Solidstate Controls UPS) are the heart of many manufacturing processes here at this site, and we are required to keep them at 100% operability. You (Solidstate Controls) and your people have helped us sustain operability during our times of need."
When asked what they like most about Solidstate Controls, our clients had varied responses:
  • "Quality!" exclaimed a Lead Electrical Engineer at a power plant in the Midwest. "For over thirty years, I have dealt with Solidstate Controls. The answer is quality!"
  • This engineer at a Southeastern United States petrochemical facility is an AMETEK Solidstate Controls veteran: "I have been dealing with Solidstate Controls since 1964 and have never been disappointed in equipment or support."
  • An operations associate at a utility plant in the State of Washington compared Solidstate Controls' UPS equipment to a household appliance. "I only have Solidstate Controls' equipment because Solidstate Controls is Dependable! I never have to worry about them. They never fail, and I never have to work on them to keep them running. I don't have any other brands of UPS here – don't need them. I don't need or want a unit that I can't depend on, and Solidstate Controls' product line is like a Maytag – it does the job, and you know it will continue to do so."
  • Another client raved about the reliability of their system. "I've been at this plant for 12 years, and the only time anyone pays attention to that UPS is to schedule it for maintenance. The unit is in the basement, which is not air-conditioned and not a specially prepared environment. The load on the UPS is the control system used to regulated power generated by a local dam. Our "Silent Giant" just keeps doing its job – it's the most boring piece of equipment that we have!"