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Protecting the Petrochemical Industry

The Petrochemical industry breaks down into the two most common classes, Olefins and Aromatics. Processes vary from fluid catalytic cracking, used in oil refineries (See Oil and Gas Industry Applications) to steam cracking, used in chemical plants. AMETEK Solidstate Controls manufactures power protection equipment for both. Due to the hazardous chemicals and reactions produced, the need for continuous, clean power is vital to production.

A high level of customization of AC and DC power equipment is needed for the Petrochemical industry because of the varied processes used. In this sector, power equipment provides electrical continuity to a wide range of applications; this means that each one is unique. AMETEK's Applications Engineers have years of design experience to customize each power solution to meet specific and demanding needs.

AMETEK Solidstate Controls' systems provide a level of insurance against failures associated with power disturbances. With over 50,000 installs in 66 countries, AMETEK Solidstate Controls has decades of experience partnering with leading Chemical companies.

Our UPS systems, inverters and battery chargers are designed to meet your specific needs. Please visit our Product pages to learn more.