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Pipeline and Transmission

Pipeline and Transmission

Protect Against Failures in Pipeline Applications

Pipelines are typically associated with Oil and Gas industry discussions; however, these applications have special customization needs for their power quality issues. Pipelines and transmission stations are typically remote by nature. These remote locations put extra emphasis on the reliability of the power supply, as it may take hours or days for a technician to arrive and handle any glitches that may arise from power disturbances. On top of that, safety and equipment protection is paramount, as power outages can damage the valves and pumps required for safe transportation of the product (s) through the pipeline.

AMETEK Solidstate Controls manufactures industrial UPS systems designed specifically with them in mind, the IntelliShed line. IntelliShed incorporates specialized hardware and software to ensure that servers controlling the pipeline protocols (sequence and shutdown) are managed based on real-time backup battery life data.

AMETEK Solidstate Controls' systems provide a level of insurance against failures associated with power disturbances. With over 50,000 installs in 66 countries, AMETEK Solidstate Controls has decades of experience partnering with leading Pipeline providers.

Our UPS systems, inverters and battery chargers are designed to meet your specific needs. Please visit our Product pages to learn more.