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Fusible Panelboards

Fusible Panelboards for Reliable Short Circuit Protection
Fusible Panelboards
Our new line of Fusible Panelboards offers reliable, short circuit protection.

Introducing the new series of Fusible Panelboards (FPB) from AMETEK Solidstate Controls. Designed especially for critical power distribution in UPS and inverter applications, these panelboards offer the most reliable method of ensuring that one faulted circuit will not cause any adverse effects on any other branches.

Features of a Fusible Panelboard
  • Extremely fast semiconductor (current limiting) fuses for sub-cycle fault clearing
  • Flexible configuration enables up to 30 amperes per circuit
  • Blown fuse indicators
  • UL listed
  • Properly coordinated fuse/breaker clearing times for critical UPS and inverter applications
  • Lockable, secure door to restrict unauthorized access
  • All dead-front construction
  • UltraSafe fuse holder
  • Suitable for solid-state load protection
  • Accommodates all standard midge size fuses
  • Provides both high speed branch circuit fault clearing ability and long term overcurrent protection
  • Custom designs available