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Pulse Width Modulated UPS

AMETEK Solidstate Controls has been building the world's most robust uninterruptible power supply systems for more than 50 years. Each system is created specifically to meet each of our clients' needs, with completely customizable configuration.

From our full double-conversion DPP models designed for the most demanding industrial applications, to the all new DP2 line of PWM IEC compliant UPS systems, you'll find power conversion equipment for any large commercial or industrial design need.

All of our products feature high-power IGBT semiconductors and PWM digital circuit design for enhanced life, higher efficiency and trouble-free diagnostics. Our use of fiber-optic technology ensures faster signal processing, improved isolation and more accurate communications. The large LCD touch screens allow for the ultimate ease in operation and user control.

All AMETEK Solidstate Controls' UPS products come with custom design / applications engineering assistance, global 24/7 service and 30-year design life.