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Power Generation

Power Generation

Keeping Continuity in Power Generation

We rely on power generation stations to provide a constant flow of electricity to our homes and businesses. Coal-fired, natural gas and co-generation plants utilize Solidstate Controls' equipment to help ensure they have consistent electrical power to protect everything from the turbine machinery (lube pumps) to data and control functions (SCADA and DCS).

These applications vary greatly, making each application unique. Solidstate Controls' application engineers have years of design experience to customize each power solution to meet the specific and demanding needs of each power station.

Solidstate Controls' systems provide a level of insurance against power failures associated with disturbances. With over 50,000 installations in 66 countries, we have decades of experience partnering with leading power providers. Our UPS systems, inverters and battery chargers are designed to meet your specific needs. Please visit our Products pages to learn more.

If you're interested in products for Nuclear Power Generation, please visit our nuclear section.