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Remote Bypass Switches

Single Phase:  3 – 100 kVA*
Three Phase: 10 – 100 kVA*
* 5-position switch available
Remote Manual Bypass Switch

Solidstate Controls’ RS Series Remote Manual Bypass Switch (RMBS) is a 3-position switch that allows for complete isolation of a UPS or inverter while performing routine or emergency maintenance on the equipment.

The load is temporarily transferred from the inverter (UPS) onto the bypass (alternate) AC power source. This “make-before-break” switch is designed to transfer between two in-sync sources to enable a zero-break transfer in both directions, so there is no disruption of power to the connected load(s).

RMBS Features

  • 3-position switch that offers complete isolation
  • Make-before-break
  • Industrial grade bypass switch
  • NEMA-1 (IP-20) wall-mounted enclosure (RMBS only)
  • Cabinet Enclosure (RMBS-T only)
  • Long life LED indicators
  • Wide variety of current and voltage ratings available
  • Isolation transformer option available (RMBS-T)

  • New Option! RMBS with isolation transformer
    Remote Manual Bypass Switch with Transformer
    Our RMBS-T option has all the benefits and features of the RMBS, but includes an isolation transformer which isolates the bypass supply. Depending on your space arrangement, you may consider combining your transformer and RMBS to create an all in one, consolidated unit. The RMBS-T is available in our standard cabinet enclosure.