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BB202P Dual Channel

For control applications, the BB202P Dual Channel Bargraph provides an optional set point relay module with on/off and differential gap control and annunciation using three set points. The optional digital display reads to 10 percent over and under range.

The BB202P enclosure is form-factor compatible with standard, 6-inch edgewise switchboard instruments and is a direct replacement for the GE/Yokogawa 180, International Sigma Model 1151/1251, Westinghouse/Weschler VX252 and the Modutech and Crompton 6-inch meters. This simplifies retrofitting into existing systems without panel modifications.

  • Brilliant red LED display for excellent visibility
  • Minimum 88,000-hour MTBF
  • Rugged—high resistance to vibration and shock
  • Microprocessor-based design
  • Programmable configuration using PC serial link
  • Switch selectable input signal ranges
  • Auto-calibration algorithm
  • Linearization of input signals
  • Universal 6-inch rectilinear form interchangeable with all major manufacturers and panel cutouts
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Front panel mounting
  • Under range/over range indication
  • Modular design for flexibility and options
  • Digital display with true minus sign
  • Green or amber LEDs
  • On/off control using three set point relays
  • NEMA-4 cover
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