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Ripple Choke Filters

Ripple Choke Filters Help Reduce the AC Ripple Current
Ripple Choke Filter
Our Ripple Choke Filters are designed to help reduce the AC ripple current kickback that exists in battery chargers, inverters and Uninterruptible Power Supply systems. This will help your batteries last longer, spare sensitive electronics the deterioration an excessive ripple current can cause and reduce electrical noise.

As your system ages, an induced AC ripple current and voltage may appear on the DC bus between the battery system and UPS. Over time this may result in the deterioration of the capacitors and other components of your UPS. Battery manufactures suggest that excessive AC ripple current on the DC bus can adversely affect the line and performance of batteries. Typically the AC ripple current on the DC bus should not exceed 5% of the amp hour rating of the batteries.

We recommend regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, including a 10-year PM (PM 10), which will replace the DC capacitors and mitigate the AC ripple. If the replacement of DC capacitors does not reduce the AC ripple current to the desired level, then a Ripple Current Filter should be installed to help further reduce the ripple.
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