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Process Industries

Steel plant

Customized Protection for Process Industries

Process industries include a wide range of applications from pulp/paper to silicon to metals/mining. Technology advances in manufacturing practices and complex distributed control systems automating and managing procedures makes clean, uninterruptible power a requirement. Glitches in power may result in product loss, equipment damage or even safety concerns. AMETEK Solidstate Controls supplies the power conditioning equipment that keeps process businesses in business.

In the manufacturing sector, power equipment provides electrical continuity to a wide range of applications; this means that each one is unique. Solidstate Controls' Applications Engineers have years of design experience to customize a power solution to meet every specification and need.

Pulp and Paper Applications

Pulp and paper plants are corrosive by nature. The chemicals needed to extract cellulose from wood fibers and to cleanse the solution for paper manufacturing include caustic soda, sodium sulfide, sulfurous acid and chlorine bleach. As you can imagine, these chemicals can wreak havoc on electrical components. AMETEK treats the electrical components and connection terminals with anti-corrosive coatings to ensure our equipment can withstand these harsh chemical environments.

Metals and Mining Applications

There may be no harsher environment for electronic equipment to operate in than the metal, mining and smelting industries. These applications are prone to high temperatures, excessive humidity, corrosive dust, particulates and even high altitudes as mines can be in mountainous areas. AMETEK has decades of experience in proper electrical design, rugged componentry selection and anti-corrosive treatment to PCBs, conductors and transformers that allow our power equipment to survive in these conditions all while operating for 20 years or more.

Solidstate Controls' systems provide a level of insurance against failures associated with power disturbances. With over 50,000 installs in 66 countries, we have decades of experience partnering with leading manufacturers.

Our UPS systems, inverters and battery chargers are designed to meet your specific needs. Please visit our Product pages to learn more.