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Nuclear UPS systems

Designed for Nuclear Standards

The Nuclear Power Industry requires the most stringent process and quality control procedures. Due to the critical nature of these applications, AMETEK Solidstate Controls engineers our equipment for a 40-year design life. To ensure that this requirement is met, each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous environmental qualification, aging analysis, seismic qualification and testing in accordance with applicable IEEE and IEC standards.

Over 75% of the nuclear generating stations in the United States rely on our products to provide power protection for their critical plant control systems. We also have extensive experience in supplying power systems for nuclear facilities in China, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, South America and Europe. We provide Class 1E rated equipment upgrades or direct replacements for obsolete power equipment no longer manufactured or supported by the original suppliers.

We also offer start-up, preventive/predictive maintenance, product service training and managed inventory agreements for replacement parts. A full range of nuclear design support and consulting services are available as well.

AMETEK Solidstate Controls' systems provide a level of insurance against failures associated with power disturbances. With over 50,000 installs in 66 countries, AMETEK Solidstate Controls has decades of experience partnering with Nuclear plant operators.

Our Nuclear UPS systems, static inverters and battery chargers are designed to meet your Class 1E safety-related requirements. Please visit our Nuclear pages to learn more about our complete Nuclear product line.