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AMETEK Solidstate Controls AT A GLANCE

AMETEK Solidstate Controls is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing of industrial power equipment. We provide the continuity of electrical power to businesses by designing industrial UPS systems, inverters, power conditioners, battery chargers, remote bypass switches and more. Our applications engineers have decades of design experience and customize each power solution to meet our clients’ most stringent requirements.

Our products are designed for industrial applications and are built to provide reliability and efficiency in some of the most rugged environments. With over 50,000 installs in 66 countries, AMETEK Solidstate Controls has over 56 years of experience partnering with leading Fortune 500 companies.


Animated LCD Touch Screen Display for DCR Systems

Animated LCD Touch Screen Display for DCR

Our DCR is even easier to use with our NEW graphical user interface display. Learn more about our larger screen, animations and additional features on the DCR product page.