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We offer a variety of testing services that provide peace of mind that your system is functioning to its full potential. Our testing services, which include: 

  • System Operational and Functional Testing - We measure and record all critical system parameters, including input/out put voltages and currents for control circuits, alternate and primary power sources, charger, inverter and static switch output. Depending on the issues detected, we will either repair abnormal conditions during the preventive maintenance event or review the problem with the client and get it scheduled for repair. With the client's permission, the following functional tests can be performed:
  • Inverter and Static Switches - Testing of the static switch automatic transfer function, alarm function, manual bypass transfer function and any other functional test deemed necessary by the factory-trained Field Service Engineer to verify proper operation.  
  • Infrared Scanning and Thermal Imaging - Infrared scan and thermal imaging provide a complete analysis and detailed report of the integrity of all electrical connections within the critical power bus.
  • Oscilloscope Waveform Captures - Graphs of the electrical signals of the inputs and outputs of the system and a capture of the load transfers.
  • Battery Chargers - Test of the float/equalize functions, load share function and alarm functions.         
  • Visual Battery Inspection and Cell Voltage Readings - A comprehensive annual battery inspection with a detailed report and analysis in accordance with the applicable ANSI/IEEE and the battery manufacturer recommendations. All critical parameters will e measured and recorded.

  • System AC Load Testing - A complete performance test of the critical power system, including static switch, inverter, charger and battery  as well as any other connected power distribution equipment.

  • Battery Continuity Test - With the client's permission, we will disconnect the battery charger and allow the battery to discharge into the inverter or site load momentarily, and record the results. Proper charge voltage at the battery terminal will be measured and adjusted as necessary per the manufacturer and site requirements. Site safety equipment and battery room environment conditions will be inspected and noted for abnormalities.

  • Inter-cell Resistance and Specific Gravity - Measuring inter-cell resistance and specific gravity can be very valuable in determining overall battery bank conditions. We will measure the inter-cell resistance to indicate when a faulty connection exists between cells. Specific gravity, when coupled with our battery inspection, gives a more complete picture of what's going on inside of each battery cell. This helps in determining the most appropriate corrective action for battery cells in questionable health.

  • Battery Capacitance Discharge Testing - Battery discharge testing is the only definitive way to determine the condition and state of health of the entire battery system. Our Capacity Discharge Test (CapTest) provides the client the highest degree of assurance that the battery can sustain the load as designed and the critical power system will function reliably in the event of a power outage. The CapTest will test the battery against published manufacturer discharge curves and verify both the electrical and chemical integrity of the battery bank. Battery discharge performance is temperature compensated to IEEE standards and a detailed, comprehensive battery report including individual cell profile, performance analysis, final results and conclusions will be provided to the client.

To learn more about our testing services or schedule a test for your equipment, please fill out our contact us form or call us at 1-800-635-7300.