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Spare and Replacements Parts

We stock over 10,000 different parts, including printed circuit boards, fans, semiconductors, fuses, capacitors, breakers and more, so we can quickly meet many replacement part needs. We also have the ability to provide and install custom spare parts, including factory-made CVTs and transformers. We can offer a variety of other spare and replacement spare part options, which include:

Spare Parts for Equipment Start-Up

The components in these kits are ones that would prevent the energization of the equipment if found defective.
  • Printed Circuit Board Kit (Start-Up) includes one of each of the major control printed circuit boards.
  • Hardware Kit (Start-Up) includes a selection of power semiconductors, power fuses and commutation capacitors.
  • Combination Kit (Start-Up) includes all of the items in the above Start-Up kits.

AMETEK Components for Emergency Repair (ACER) Kit **New Service Offering*** 

  • The ACER kit is a collection of critical parts identified by our technical team that can be used to facilitate quick remedial solutions to typical equipment failures and/or issues that are not corrected by PM components.
  • We will help you conduct an inventory assessment and recommend what you can dispose of, what parts remain viable for each of your assets and let you know what spares you may need to purchase.
  • To get the process started, we will need a list of your installed, active, UPS assets with serial numbers. We will also need a list of your spare part numbers. To help make this process easier, we created an editable PDF file you can download and fill out. Click here to download our Inventory Assessment Service Form.

Operational Spare Parts

This package includes a selection of parts most commonly used when making repairs to our products.
  • Printed Circuit Board Kit (Operational) includes one of each of the printed circuit boards in your equipment.
  • Hardware Kit (Operational) includes a selection of semiconductors, fuses, fans, pilot lights and snubber/commutation capacitors, which are critical in restoring the system to normal operation in the event of a failure.
  • Combination Kit (Operational) includes all of the items in the above Operational kits.
Comprehensive Multi Products/System Recommended Spare Parts List
This package contains the items outlined in the operational kits listed above, but customized to consolidate multiple product/system requirements. The comprehensive list will not duplicate like items in the multiple systems to reduce the overall inventory costs.
Optional Custom Spare Parts List
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Meters
  • Magnetics
  • Spare Parts for items supplied with this contract, but manufactured by others

Replacement Operation Manuals

We can provide replacement operation manuals for your Solidstate Controls products to the original purchaser and/or end-user. Each manual costs $350. Contact us to purchase a replacement manual. To ensure the quick process of your replacement manual request, please include the equipment's serial number. The serial number is located on the front of the system.  

For more information on spare and replacement parts or to place an order, please fill out our contact us form or call us at 1-800-635-7300. To ensure quick process of your spare or replacement parts request, please include the equipment's serial number in your request. The serial number is located on the front of the system.