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Protect Your Power with a Service Agreement

Monday, December 16, 2019

Do you want to ensure up-time and continuous reliability of your assets without feeling the pain of increased maintenance costs year to year? AMETEK Solidstate Controls offers three levels of multi-year service agreements with fixed pricing, which makes it easier to budget for multiple years with no pricing spikes. These agreements are designed to support your preventive maintenance (PM) schedules and provide you with discounts on spare parts and training.

  1. Basic Service Agreement: Includes visual inspections, covers a limited number of components and offers a 5% discount on spare parts.
  2. Comprehensive Service Agreement (CSA): Includes visual inspections, covers a wider range of components and offers a 15% discount on spare parts and 25% off training sessions.
  3. Comprehensive Service Agreement Plus (CSA+): Includes complete coverage and annual inspections with a 20% discount on spare parts and 50% off training sessions. This also includes a 24-hour guaranteed emergency response time and there are no costs for replacement system manuals.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Service Agreement Include:

  • Locked pricing 

  • 24/7 warranty during the life of the contract

  • Yearly factory recommended PM services

  • Tailored options; such as length of contract and necessary equipment

  • Hassle-free service ordering; eliminate administrative burden of getting a quote and PO each time service is needed

We know it can be difficult to decide which plan is right for your company, so we put together a comparison chart of the three agreements with the services and benefits provided by each below:

CSA Comparison

With our multi-year service agreements, you will gain peace of mind in knowing that your assets receive the maintenance and care they need to continue to run at peak performance. Visit our CSA page to learn more about these plans. 


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