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Should You Attend UPS and Stationary Battery Training?

Have you always wondered whether you would benefit from attending one of our hands-on Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system and stationary battery training classes? We’re here to tell you all the ways this four-day, in-person opportunity to learn from our experts can help you gain a better understanding of your systems and how to maintain them.

Who Should Attend?

  • Maintenance Technicians: If you’re part of the plant personnel that is responsible for maintaining the systems then you will benefit from an increased knowledge of how your system works. Our instructors will demonstrate troubleshooting techniques to make quick, accurate and effective repairs.
  • Maintenance Supervisors: Having in-depth knowledge of your systems allows supervisors to better schedule routine maintenance and determine the manpower required for the maintenance.
  • Plant Engineers: With an increased knowledge base on these systems, you can make better educated decisions when specifying and installing new equipment for your plant.
  • Operators: Gain confidence in operating the equipment and be able to make sound decisions when presented with alarm conditions.

What Will You Learn?

Our training is split with two days focused on UPS systems, either Digital Process Power or Ferroresonant depending on your course selection and two days dedicated to stationary batteries. There is time set aside for individual consultation with our instructors and each participant receives 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion.

The UPS training will help you gain a better understanding of how industrial UPS systems work by covering the basics and detailed principles of operations. You will also learn how to maintain them by learning how to identify failed components, preventive maintenance and tips and techniques for troubleshooting. Our team will set our UPS system lab up to simulate real-world system problems to help you put everything you were taught in the classroom to practical use.

Stationary battery training will cover a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to battery basics, troubleshooting tips and techniques, performance monitoring and battery maintenance. You will take everything you learned and apply it through hands-on experience in our battery lab.

Meet The Instructors

  • Don Imlay has 40 years of power conversion experience in diverse fields including military aircraft, mining, power generation, oil and gas as a Senior Field Engineer, Circuit Designer and a Technical Writer. As a training instructor, he has presented more than 200 seminars to a diverse audience including Engineers, Technicians, Operators and Maintenance Supervisors. He brings a wealth of experience to the classroom.
  • Bob Liessle has been in the “stand-by” power industry for 25 years as an Electrical Engineer and the Owner of American Technical Support. Bob was a successful presenter to IEEE in the development of a non-commercial standard that is now IEEE-1188. He has taught over 1,000 students in training seminars and brings his specialized knowledge of storage battery systems, equipment and procedures to the classroom.

Ready to increase your knowledge on your UPS systems and stationary batteries? Click here to view the last six training options of 2022 at our Houston training facility and register!



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