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Don't Get Caught Without a Spare

We know your AMETEK Solidstate Controls’ systems are critical to supporting your loads against voltage transients, voltage instability, blackouts, brownouts, electrical noise, frequency deviation and more. Assuring your system has limited downtime is part of our mission, which is why we are happy to help you assess your spare parts inventory to make sure you have all the critical components on hand in case of an emergency. If you happen to be missing a critical component, we stock over 10,000 spare parts, so we can quickly meet many replacement parts needs.

Spare and Replacement Parts Offerings:
  • Spare Parts for Equipment Start-Up – Components in these kits would prevent the energization of the equipment. Kits include printed circuit boards, power semiconductors, power fuses and communication capacitors.

  • Operational Spare Parts – These kits are a selection of parts most commonly used when making repairs to our systems. Kits include printed circuit boards, semiconductors, fuses, fans, pilot lights, snubber and communication capacitors and any additional hardware that may be critical when restoring the system to normal operation in the event of a failure.

  • Comprehensive System Recommended Spare Parts – This package provides the items listed in the operational spare parts kits, but our service team works with you to customize and consolidate based on your multiple systems. This will ensure a comprehensive list of parts that will not duplicate like items throughout your multiple systems to help reduce your inventory cost and downsize space needed for storage.

  • Custom Spare Parts – We can provide and install custom spare parts, including factory-made CVTs and transformers, circuit breakers, meters, magnetics and other spare parts items supplied within our contract, but not manufactured by AMETEK Solidstate Controls.

  • AMETEK Components for Emergency Repair (ACER) Kit – This kit is a collection of critical parts identified by our technical team that can be used to facilitate quick remedial solutions to typical equipment failures or issues that are not connected to preventive maintenance (PM). Our service team will help you conduct a spare parts inventory assessment and recommend which parts are still viable and which should be disposed of. They will identify spare parts you may want to purchase, which will be provided in the ACER kit. 

  • Replacement Operation Manuals – The original purchaser or end-user of our equipment can request and purchase a replacement operation manual.

Make sure you don’t get caught in an emergent situation without the correct spare part on hand; contact us today to order critical spares or start an assessment of your current spare parts inventory.


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