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Spooky Stories from Solidstate Controls

We have been haunting the industrial power equipment market for 58 years; as you can imagine we’ve seen a lot of crazy things. As we approach Halloween, we had a few of our team members recount some of their most spooky, horrifying and frightful stories from their years of working at AMETEK Solidstate Controls.

Creepy Critters

Our system cabinets may look like the perfect dark, secluded place for a creepy creature to set up their lair. We have come across everything from a rattle snake to rats in our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. When our team member tried to evict a particularly stubborn rat, the attempts were not well received. It took a few shots of mace to get the rat to vacate its dwelling. On another occasion, a particularly large, eight-legged spooky spider snuck up on our engineer while servicing a system. They were quick to finish their work and hightailed it out of there.

Frightful Flooding

During a hurricane, one of our systems flooded along with the rest of the electrical equipment in the facility. A small boat was used to float out and check on the equipment. It was discovered our UPS System was still running and they had to get a little creative on how to turn the unit off from the boat. Channeling their inner witch, they used a broomstick to shut down the flooded system.

Dreadful Delivery

One of our pallets didn’t get unloaded at a client’s facility and was rerouted back to our facility in Columbus, Ohio for another truck to pick up. The unit had been moved to the front of the trailer with 20 skids of toilet paper blocking our access to the system. We gathered a team of employees to physically unload 100 boxes of toilet paper and remove the remaining 17 skids in order to unload our unit. While this would be a mummy’s dream, we had a toilet paper nightmare on our hands.

Lurking Loads

We have encountered a variety of improper, non-critical loads plugged into our systems while performing maintenance at facilities. Some of the best and most terrifying items we have come across include heaters, a Keurig and even a floor scrubber that forced the system into bypass.

Terrifying Travel

With systems all over the world, we travel a lot to make sure each one receives the proper maintenance. We have had a few goosebumps inducing moments while in the airport. One of our engineers was traveling internationally the night of the 2015 Paris terrorist attack and security was tight. At a connecting gate, the security team was searching everyone’s bags and the pad lock and danger tags for lock out/tag out caused the carryon bag to get flagged. The agent’s eyes grew alarmingly large as they assessed the items and created a stir amongst the security team. Our engineer was preparing for the worst, until an English-speaking agent realized what the items were for and calmed their startled coworker.


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