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Custom-Built Copper Transformers for Reliability and Longevity

Are you looking for a system that is custom to your specific application? We design and build our products based on your needs; this includes every single copper transformer. Our transformer design and construction contributes to both the reliability and longevity of our systems. There are a variety of reasons our custom-built transformers help make us a leader in the industry:

  1. We proudly manufacture our systems, including the transformers, at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

  2. Since our transformers are built in-house, we can ensure 100% quality control, so you have assurance that you are getting a high quality, reliable transformer in your system.

  3. We have been adapting our designs to your specifications since 1962. Our expert engineers have the ability to customize the transformer to your application’s requirements.

  4. There’s no third-party vendor involved in manufacturing our transformers, which allows us to have a quick turnaround.

  5. Each of our transformers has copper windings. Copper windings make our transformers smaller than aluminum ones and gives them lower resistance.

  6. The copper windings also allow our system to run at a cooler temperature. A lower unit temperature helps contribute to the overall longevity of your system.

  7. Our transformers receive Vacuum impregnation (VPI) with a proprietary specification varnish, which increases the thermal stability and helps to reduce the audible noise.

  8. If you ever need to replace your transformer, our in-house manufacturing allows us to easily manufacture a replacement. Our factory-trained service team can then facilitate installing the new transformer for you.

The transformer is a vital part of your system, have peace of mind that with AMETEK Solidstate Controls you’re getting the best.

Contact us to learn more about our custom transformers and how we can make the perfect system for your application's specifications.


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