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More Than a Little Luck

Do you consider yourself lucky? Maybe you carry a rabbit’s foot, stop for the face-up penny, take a rainbow as a good sign or have the luck of the Irish on your side. What about your business: do they look for signs and lucky charms? Don’t leave your assurance of up-time and power continuity to chance. We know it takes more than a little good luck to keep your equipment running smoothly and we are dedicated to being your proven partner in power.

Reliable and Long-lasting Products

AMETEK Solidstate Controls’ systems have been protecting critical loads through voltage transients, voltage instability, blackouts, brownouts, electrical noise, frequency deviation and more for 58 years. It takes more than a little good fortune to be reliable in the harshest of environments, including the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the tropics of Indonesia, the arctic climate of Alaska and on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. We build our products with custom transformers that are manufactured in our Columbus, Ohio facility, with fail-safe static switches, with an onboard web server for secure monitoring and much more to make them dependable.

We aren’t just reliable; we also design for longevity. Our innovative engineering has given our products a 20 – 40-year design life. Our continued client support and services will help you avoid bad luck by ensuring each system runs at peak performance throughout its entire lifecycle.

Lifetime Client Support and Services

Just like a vehicle, it’s not worth chancing the outcome of not keeping up on your regular maintenance, which is why we are dedicated to the continued support and protection of your assets. We developed a preventive maintenance schedule based on our own testing, field experience and supplier recommendations. This schedule includes annual maintenance events, which provide cleaning, testing, calibration and parts replacement as part of predictive replacement.

Sometimes misfortunes happen and emergencies arise, we have a dedicated, factory-trained technical support team that is always available to help you with the operation or service of your system. If on-site support is necessary, we will be there.


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