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Unmatched Reliability

We know how important your job of protecting critical applications is, against voltage transients, voltage instability, blackouts, brownouts, electrical noise, frequency deviation and more. We understand that downtime can be very costly due to loss of product or production time, and more importantly be potentially dangerous. That’s why we have made it our mission to help businesses with their continuity of electrical power by providing the most reliable systems in the industry.

For the last 57 years the energy sector and process industries have been relying on our products, including Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, Inverters, Power Conditioners, Battery Chargers, Remote Manual Bypass Switches and more. Here’s a few reasons why companies across the globe have relied on more than 50,000 of our systems for their backup solutions:

  • Fail-Safe Static Switch – We utilize a Reed relay on our static switch gate drive, which increase reliability through switching times in the order of millions. These relays have sealed contacts to avoid oxidation and corrosion, they connect and disconnect through magnetic action, opposed to mechanical, their switching time is ten times faster than a conventional relay since they don’t have an armature. If any component of the static switch control board, including the power supply, is going into failure then it will transfer to the alternate source. This helps ensure there is never a loss of output power.

  • Redundant Analog Circuitry – If the digital processor fails, inner circuitry will keep the power flowing with patented technology.

  • Redundant Power Sources – Our control boards have redundant power sources:

    • Two parallel power supplies powering PCBs

    • Power supplies powered from AC input, bypass and DC bus

  • Custom Transformers – Our copper transformers are manufactured in-house to ensure 100% quality control. We have the ability to customize all transformers with our expert engineering and support legacy transformer designs through the entirety of their life. In-house manufacturing allows us to have a quick turnaround.

  • Onboard Web Server – You can securely monitor your AMETEK Solidstate Controls’ system from anywhere in the world:

    • Control multiple servers

    • Ability to shut down servers in a predetermined order

    • Test server shutdown functionality

    • Extended data logging, including event description, time and data stamping and system readings

    • Set up alerts

We can’t tell you when an outage is coming, but through our years of expertise and dedication we have become an unmatched provider of assets to serve as your reliable partner in power protection.


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