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Function of a Remote Manual Bypass Switch

What is a Remote Manual Bypass Switch?

Our industrial grade Remote Manual Bypass Switch (RMBS) is a 3-position switch that allows for the complete isolation of an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system or inverter in order to perform routine or emergency maintenance on the equipment. This make-before-break switch is designed to transfer between two in-sync sources to enable a zero-break transfer in both directions, so there is no disruption of power to the connected load(s).

Purpose of RMBS

The two purposes of a RMBS are to allow a UPS to become volt free so that full maintenance can be performed without jeopardizing the load circuits and allow a faulty UPS to be completely replaced without jeopardizing the load circuits.

Benefits of an RMBS

  • Reliability
  • Promotes safe work practices
  • Perform maintenance without disturbing the load
  • Saves potential downtime costs

Purpose/Function of Each Position

1. Normal

This position allows the UPS to feed the load circuits as if the RMBS wasn’t present.

2. Bypass to Load

Transfers the system to the bypass source of power through the switch, not the UPS. The load is not protected by the UPS, but all the UPS functions can now be tested without risk to the load. This position is also referred to as the “test” position.

3. Isolated Bypass

The load is connected directly to the bypass supply. This isolates the UPS cabinet from the bypass source and the load. If the AC input and the battery are also isolated externally then the UPS can be worked on safely (volt free). Maintenance can be performed on the UPS without affecting the load.

A drawing that shows the different positions in an RMBS or an RMBS-T

Remote Manual Bypass Switch with Transformer Option

Our RMBS is also available with an isolation transformer option (RMBS-T) that isolates the bypass supply. Depending on your equipment line up and space constraints, you may consider combining your transformer and RMBS to create an all in one, consolidated unit.

Contact us to learn more about the options available on our Remote Manual Bypass Switch.



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