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Add a Pop of Color with the New Color Display

Monday, September 16, 2019
Categories : Products

As a company, AMETEK Solidstate Controls strives to give you the latest, most relevant technology for your assets. We recently redesigned our panel hardware and software using proprietary electronics and the best touchscreen technology available on the market. This redesign has allowed us to give you a full-color experience, accelerated communication and more.

The Color Display boasts a variety of new and enhanced features that our older 3-in-1 board and 3 board set do not, including:

  • Larger, full-color LCD

  • Backup configuration memory card replaced by a micro SD card

  • High-speed communication, via enhanced USB connection

  • Proprietary communication protocols provide accelerated communications with multiple external systems

  • Ability to transfer configurations and logs from old to new

  • Future-focused architecture allows for continued technology enhancements and implementation

  • Ability to utilize new alarms

We know that having alarms to notify if you have possible issues within your assets is critical. The Color Display allows you to pick from additional alarms so you’re always one step ahead of potential problems.

  1. Display SPI Loss of Communication – Indicates that there is a communication problem between the display processor and communication processor

  2. Display Communication uP Reset – Indicates that the communication processor has reset

  3. Display SD Card Failure – Indicates that there is a problem with the SD card on the Color Display Board

The Color Display is available on all new AMETEK Solidstate Controls' Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and Inverters and has been designed to retrofit into your existing assets. If you’re ready to be bold and add a pop of color to your assets, contact our team today to learn more about the benefits and how you can upgrade.


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