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Things that Scare our Customers - and How to Prevent Them

October is known for many things: cozy weather, pumpkins, costumes, tricks, and treats! This Halloween season at AMETEK Solidstate Controls, we are placing an emphasis on ensuring our customers only encounter treats with their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems – and helping them prevent tricks.

Since one of the best methods of learning is through experience, we pulled together some situations that have scared our customers. By reading these stories, you will be more prepared for any monsters lurking in the dark (or in your UPS systems).

Over the years, our customers have called for assistance when experiencing trouble with their applications. On occasion, our Field Service Engineers have arrived at plants and were shocked by what they had seen – a host of creepy critters. We have come across everything from rattle snakes to rats to spiders in UPS systems. But don’t worry, our experts handled the situations then completed their work and got the system back in service.

Another thing that scares our customers are natural disasters, for many reasons. For one, if your systems aren’t prepared to withstand the blow, they can fail. And that is scary to think about! When the unthinkable happens, you want to be prepared. If you’re not, the aftermath can drain time and resources from your company and may lead to a loss in revenue. Natural disasters can bring about damages to your facility, as well as put employees and the greater community at risk!

These situations are intense! But fear no more – scary stories like these are preventable with the proper maintenance. We recommend annual checks of your equipment beginning on the first anniversary date following the manufacture date of the equipment and repeating each year until the asset is removed from service. Luckily, our experts know exactly what to look for – what a treat! We offer Preventative Maintenance (PM) services to measure and record all critical system parameters including input/output voltages and currents for control circuits, alternate and primary power sources, charger, inverter and static switch output.

Whether it be a creepy critter in your system or an alarm that no longer functions, catching it sooner rather than later will save you from horror in the future. With all of this in your arsenal, you are prepared for the tricks this Halloween season – and beyond!


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