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Static Inverters for Nuclear Plants Single and Three Phase
AMETEK Solidstate Controls has designed, manufactured and maintained hundreds of 1E safety related and non-safety related, yet essential inverters in Nuclear Generating Facilities around the world. Designing and manufacturing solutions for Nuclear Plants has been a major focus of ours for more than 45 years.

Our Safety Class Inverters are true, on-line ferroresonant transformer-based designs intended for use in Uninterruptible Power Supply systems or in standalone applications. The inverter's basic function is to convert DC power from a rectifier/charger or battery to an extremely accurate, regulated AC output for powering safety and non-safety loads.

Our Static Inverter meets all the environmental, seismic and physical demands of today's standards, can be designed and engineered for your facility's specific requirements and includes the following features:
  • 40-year qualified design life available
  • Field-proven, fail-safe static switch
  • Seismic grade cabinets and packaging to meet most seismic levels
  • Integral and standalone patented Zero-Break Static Switch
  • Integral or standalone, make-before-break, manually operated maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Data Sheets +