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Nuclear Digital ProcessPower® UPS System
Single Phase: 5 – 100 kVA*
* Additional Sizes Available, Contact Factory
Nuclear DRPI and SSPS
Direct replacements for original Basler Power Supplies used in Westinghouse Digital Rod Position Indicator (DRPI) and Solidstate Protection System (SSPS).

Features include:
  • 1E Models Qualified for Mild Environment, as according to 1EEE 323 and 344
  • 40 Year Design Life, with scheduled replacement
  • Electrolytic capacitor temperature ratings upgraded to 105°C
  • Potentiometers upgraded to 20-turn precision turns
  • Small electrical components mounted on one printed circuit card
  • Overvoltage discrete circuit replaced as integrated circuit, eliminating noise issues
  • Built to 10CFR50 Appendix B (audited by NUPIC), and 10CFR21 criteria accepted
  • Data Sheets +