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For Reactor Process Control

Digital ProcessPower® Inverter

Single Phase: 5 –  100 kVA*
* Additional Sizes Available, Contact Factory
Nuclear Process Control
Direct replacements for original Basler Power Supplies used in Westinghouse Digital Rod Position Indicator (DRPI) and Solidstate Protection System (SSPS).

Features include:
  • Tighter output voltage regulation
  • 1E Models Qualified for Mild Environment, as according to 1EEE 323 and 344
  • 40 Year Design Life, with scheduled replacement
  • Equipped with lifting handles
  • Circuit breaker for input and output protection
  • Digital meters for output voltage and current measurement
  • Alarm contacts for output overload and output under voltage
  • Built to 10CFR50 Appendix B (audited by NUPIC), and 10CFR21 criteria accepted
  • Data Sheets +