Nuclear Digital ProcessPower® UPS System
40-Year Qualified Design Life

The Nuclear Digital ProcessPower® (NDPP) UPS from AMETEK Solidstate Controls is a true on-line, double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply system that provides continuous, clean, regulated power for critical AC loads. This unit is a single-phase, 5-100 kVA, though additional sizes are available.

This UPS is designed specifically for process control and industrial application, with 40-year qualified design life. The NDPP systems utilize state-of-the-art PWM technology, incorporating high power IGBT semiconductors, and digital control for enhanced communications, monitoring, control, and diagnostics capabilities.

Also essential to the NDPP design is the use of fiber optic cables for control and communications, allowing for better isolation and faster, more accurate signals between processors. The NDPP designs also include a LCD panel and user-friendly touchscreen display for ultimate ease in user control.

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