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Manual Bypass Switches

Remote Manual Bypass Switch

Single Phase: 5 –  100 kVA*
Three Phase: 5 –  100 kVA*
* Additional Sizes Available, Contact Factory
Nuclear Remote Bypass Switch
Solidstate Controls’ RS Series Remote Manual Bypass Switch (RMBS) is a 3-position switch that allows for complete isolation of a UPS or inverter perform routine or emergency maintenance on the equipment.

The load is temporarily transferred from the inverter (UPS) onto the bypass (alternate) AC power source. This “make-before-break” switch is designed to transfer between two in-sync sources to enable a zero-break transfer in both directions, so there is no disruption of power to the connected load(s).

RMBS Features
  • 3-position switch that offers complete isolation
  • Make-before-break
  • Industrial grade bypass switch
  • NEMA-1 (IP-20) wall-mounted enclosure
  • Long life LED indicators
  • Wide variety of current and voltage ratings available
  • 40-year design life available
  • Data Sheets +