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Regulating ISL

Regulating Transformer

Single Phase: 5 –  100 kVA*
* Additional Sizes Available, Contact Factory
ISL Nuclear
The ISL Series power conditioners are ferroresonant regulating transformers housed in single system enclosures. These units are designed to accept a widely varying AC input voltage, while simultaneously producing a well-regulated, filtered AC output.

ISL Series units have the unique characteristic of being short circuit protected so that overloads and short circuits on the secondary side are not reflected back to the primary.
  • High reliability
  • Constructed with entirely passive magnetic components
  • Provides unparalleled attenuation of common and transverse mode noise
  • Low audible noise - <65dBA
  • High efficiency
  • ¼ cycle output ride-through
  • Compatible with non-linear loads
  • Industrial grade – built to operate in extreme environmental conditions
  • Expert technicians available for warranty service, start-up service, preventative maintenance programs, and on-site training
  • 40-year design life available
  • Data Sheets +