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Battery Charger

Single Phase: 5 – 1200 A
AMETEK Solidstate Controls has designed, manufactured and maintained hundreds of safety related (1E) and non-safety, yet essential, Battery Chargers in Nuclear Generating Facilities around the globe. Each application requires a unique set of solutions, for which Solidstate Controls will help create the optimal Battery Charger System for your plant.

Our Battery Chargers are thyristor-based systems designed for high-efficiency conversion (>90%) of commercial AC power to DC power, charging station-type batteries. They are also compatible with our inverter systems to be used as an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), as a float system or as a standalone Charger for DC-only applications. All models are equally compatible with all lead acid type batteries, including lead calcium & antimony, nickel cadmium or valve-regulated for station DC systems.

A dry-type isolation transformer is used to isolate the DC output from the AC input and to provide the proper voltage for the rectification process. Standard output ripple filter, 2% with battery connected, is provided. Optional low ripple and battery eliminator low ripple options are available. The Charger can also be utilized and packaged.

Features include:
  • Thyristor-based operation
  • Full-wave rectifier (6 Pulse)
  • Output Filter
  • Battery Overcharge Protection
  • Seismic and Environmental Qualifications to meet your 1E Safety Related Applications
  • Replacement in existing Charger footprints are accommodated
  • Data Sheets +