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Digital Power Factor Corrected UPS

Digital Power Factor Corrected
Digital Power Factor Connected

The Digital Power Factor Corrected (DPF) UPS from AMETEK Solidstate Controls is a true on-line, double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply system that maintains similar features as the DPP UPS.

It replaces the SCR based rectifier section with an IGBT-based, power factor corrected rectifier. The power factor corrected rectifier allows operation with high power factor (PF > 0.95) and with low total harmonic distortion (THDi < 5%). The DPF also allows for battery testing with reverse power flow without the need of a loaded inverter.

For the remote monitoring of your power quality system, UPSView can be included with the DPF to provide real-time health and status of your Solidstate Controls equipment. To view the demo of this user-friendly communication package, please click here.

Though not available yet, for more information about the DPF, please contact us.