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Support Anywhere, Any Time with AMETEK Virtual Support

Has COVID-19 impacted who you can allow on site, including service technicians for your critical power supplies? Have you been in a situation where you need troubleshooting help ASAP and can’t wait for an AMETEK Solidstate Controls engineer to come to your plant? We can “virtually” place our experts in your system, anywhere, any time with AMETEK Virtual Support.

AMETEK Virtual support allows one of our factory-trained experts to instantly be in your facility to offer “hands-on” support through remote technology. Utilizing your mobile device, our engineer can see inside the piece of equipment you need help with. You can then see our engineers point to parts within your system as well as freeze the video for more targeted troubleshooting. Once the screen is frozen, our technician can interact with the image by drawing, pointing or adding arrows using merged reality. We can even upload and send you helpful photos and documents all within the AMETEK Virtual Support platform.

AMETEK Virtual Support Features:

  • Live support from factory-trained service engineers
  • No software to download, use your phone
  • Merged Reality: Live merged reality video with interactive presence
  • Quick Connect: One click connect to contacts or send an invite via email or SMS
  • Telestration Tools: Call attention to a part or give directions by drawing directly on the screen or using arrows
  • Freeze Screen: Freeze live video to draw or demonstrate a solution
  • Give Help on a Photo: Capture a new photo or import an existing image into your help session
  • Multi-Platform: Compatible with iOS and Android devices and web browsers
  • Guaranteed Encryption: 128-bit encryption for all video calls

It can be difficult and time consuming to troubleshoot over the phone without any visual cues and it may leave room for errors. AMETEK Virtual Support gives you an extra layer of confidence that the work being conducted on your equipment is under the watchful eye of one of our experts.

How do you get AMETEK Virtual Support?

  1. You are automatically receive AMETEK Virtual Support if your equipment is currently under an original AMETEK Solidstate Controls’ factory warranty1
  2. You are automatically enrolled if you have a Comprehensive Service Agreement (CSA or CSA+)2
  3. You can purchase a one-year subscription service per site by contacting us

1This warranty does not include the Extended Service Coverage, as a result of Preventive Maintenance (PM)
2This service is not included in the Basic Comprehensive Service Agreement plan


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