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The Solidstate Controls client service department leads various technical training classes and seminars throughout the year. Attendees will learn about industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and battery systems, see how they work, receive troubleshooting techniques and tips and learning about routine maintenance and monitoring.

UPS Training
Gain a better understanding of how industrial UPS systems work and how to maintain them. Our training classes include:
  • UPS Basics
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Detailed Principles of Operations
  • Failed Component Identification
  • Tips and Techniques for Troubleshooting
  • Practical Hands-on-Labs
Stationary Battery Training
Our battery lab provides practical hands-on training. In these training sessions, our staff will cover a wide array of topics. They will include, but are not limited to:
  • Battery Basics
  • Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Battery Maintenance
Who Should Attend Our Training Courses?
Plant personnel responsible for maintaining the systems will benefit with an increased knowledge of the system. Instructors will demonstrate troubleshooting techniques to make quick, accurate, and effective repairs. Preventive maintenance techniques will be demonstrated to allow the equipment to operate at maximum reliability levels.

With a thorough knowledge of the systems, supervisors will be better able to schedule routine maintenance and determine manpower requirements.

Plant engineers will be able to make educated decisions when specifying and installing new equipment.

Operators will gain confidence in operating the equipment and be able to make sound decisions when presented with alarm conditions.

Who Presents the Information?
Our instructors are senior level support engineers and consultants that will provide information taken from years of field experience. Participants will solve problems based on the instructors’ personal case studies. Demonstrations and workshops will use scaled-down systems as part of the presentations. Proper use of test equipment will be demonstrated to aid in troubleshooting.

Space is limited, so be sure to register in advance to reserve your seat!

To register for a class and get an up-to-date training schedule, please review the following training options. To find out more about pricing, availability and additional training opportunities worldwide, please refer to our Training Catalog or contact us at 1-614-846-7500 or at 1-800-635-7300.

 2019 and
2020 Dates   
Location   Class  Cost*/Student
Standard  Refresher
 Oct 7-11  San Diego Digital Process Power UPS & Stationary Battery  $2875 $2275 
 Nov 18-22 Houston  Digital Process Power UPS or Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 Dec 16-20 Houston  Nuclear Safety Related Ferroresonant Inverters
 Feb 10-14, 2020  San Diego Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 March 9-13 Houston  Digital Process Power UPS or Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 April 20-24 San Diego  Digital Process Power UPS & Stationary Battery
 May 11-15  Houston Digital Process Power UPS or Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 June 8-12 San Diego  Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 June 15-19 San Diego  Spanish Digital Process Power UPS & Stationary Battery
 July 13-17 Houston  Spanish Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 Aug 10-14 San Diego  Digital Process Power UPS & Stationary Battery
 Sept 14-18 Houston  Digital Process Power UPS or Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 Oct 12-16 San Diego  Digital Process Power UPS & Stationary Battery
 Nov 2-6 Houston  Digital Process Power UPS or Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 Nov 16-20 San Diego  Ferroresonant UPS & Stationary Battery
 Dec 7-11 Houston  Nuclear Training
*Fees include registration, course materials, continental breakfast, lunch, individual consulting time with the instructor and 2.7 Continued Education Units upon completion. Travel and living expenses are not covered for the attendees.

Training Facilities with Area Hotel Information:
Houston, TX Atlanta, GA San Diego, CA
4100 Greenbriar Dr.
Suite 115
Stafford, TX 77477

Hotel & Directions
466 Brock Rd.
Rockmart, GA 30153

Hotel & Directions
5909 Sea Lion Pl.
Suite E
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Hotel & Directions

Please fill out the Training Registration Form and indicate your date and course selection, Digital Process Power UPS or Ferroresonant UPS. We ask for the serial numbers of your assets, so we can ensure you attend the proper course and we can utilize drawings of your systems in the classroom discussions.

Course Descriptions and Additional Information:



   Day          Material Covered
  • Introduction and Battery Basics, Terminology
  • Stationary Battery Safety
  • Stationary Battery Installation
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance - Measurements
  • Battery Maintenance Corrective Actions
  • Battery Maintenance - Discharge Testing Overview


Day       Material Covered
  • Introduction and Component Basics
  • System Inspection, Operating Procedures
  • Battery Charger Operation and Maintenance
  • Inverter/Static Switch Operation and Maintenance 
  • "Hands-On" Inverter Operation and Maintenance
  • Review / Q&A
  • "Hands-On" UPS Operation & Maintenance
  • Conference Wrap-Up

Dress Attire: We strive to recreate plant conditions through lab exercises. Due to safety concerns, we require shirts with sleeves, long pants and sturdy closed-toe shoes. We will provide fire-retardant lab coats to all attendees, as well as standard safety glasses to those that do not provide their own.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the preparatory nature of our courses and how they are catered specifically towards your equipment, AMETEK Solidstate Controls reserves the right to charge a fee of 50% of the course for cancellations within 14 days of the scheduled seminar. However, future enrollment may be reduced by this cost. Please contact us for details.