Comprehensive Service Agreements

It is important to protect your critical load, but also important to work within your budget to do so. AMETEK Solidstate Controls is pleased to offer Comprehensive Service Agreements (CSA) to cover the equipment at your facility. The CSA is multi-year fixed price agreement to cover your critical equipment. The benefits of the CSA include:
  • Pricing is locked-in and will not go up
  • Covers the equipment under a 24/7 warranty during the life of the contract
  • Equipment will receive all of factory recommended PM’s on a yearly basis
  • Can be tailored to customer’s needs as far as length of contract and what equipment is needed
  • Eliminates administrative burden of having to get a quote and PO each time when preventive or corrective maintenance is needed
  • Due to a fixed price, it makes it easier to budget for multiple years with no spikes from year to year in cost of maintenance
The CSA provides the customer with peace of mind and a total solution for protecting their critical loads. This package is a unique offering that is truly a full service contract that keeps the equipment in optimum operating condition.