Battery Chargers/Rectifiers

Digital Battery Charger
  Input: 208, 380 – 480, 600 VAC 3Ø
Output: 110, 120, 220, 240 VDC
The Digital Battery Charger (DCR) from AMETEK Solidstate Controls is a thyristor-based system, designed for high efficiency conversion of incoming commercial AC to DC power for charging batteries, while supplying power to continuous DC loads, such as Inverters.

This solid-state design utilizes SCR phase control to provide regulated DC output and limited current via a smoothing filter. It can operate with or without batteries. The DCR is intended for use in UPS systems, as well as a stand-alone device for battery-charging-only applications.
  • Latest digital & power electronics technology
  • Reliable industrial design
  • User definable control and alarm set-points
  • Simultaneous voltage and current readings
  • CE safety and EMC standards tested and compliant
  • Built to ISO9000 QA standards
  • UL 1012 (UL, cUL) approved
  • Data Sheets +