BCR Battery Charger

110, 130 VDC

220, 260 VDC

50 Amps to 600 Amps


The BCR Industrial Battery Chargers from AMETEK Solidstate Controls are thyristor-based systems designed for high efficiency conversion of incoming commercial AC to DC power for charging large banks of station batteries, while supplying power to continuous DC loads, such as Inverters. The BCR Industrial Battery Charger is intended for use in UPS systems, as well as a stand-alone device for battery charging only applications. 

    • High reliability - exceeds 140,000 hours (16 years) MTBF
    • Phase-controlled six SCR topology
    • Low audible noise
    • Maintains DC voltage regulation at ±0.5% on float
    • Long life LED indicators
    • Output is maintained even with the loss of one phase input insensitive to phase rotation
    • Industrial grade – built to operate in extreme environments
    • Vacuum impregnated magnetic with 200°C epoxy insulation
    • All components are front accessible - no side or back clearance require
    • Lighted mimic panel display
    • High efficiency-greater than 90%